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Our practice provides a wide variety of surgeries. From routine spays, neuters and dental cleanings to more complex cases. More elaborate instances could consist of exploratories, cystotomies, mass removals, orthopedics, c-sections, etc. On a day to day basis we perform surgeries on our canine and feline friends, however we also provide spaying and neutering for rabbits.

Surgeries are scheduled Monday through Friday. On the day of your pet's operation, we have you leave your pet with us between 7-8 AM which allows us to prepare instruments and things such as oxygen prior to the procedure. Emergencies are also welcome at any time throughout the day to make sure your pet is well taken care of.

During our surgeries we have our technicians monitor the anesthesia and oxygen levels. They are also responsible for the warming table used to maintain body temperature, the monitoring of blood pressure, and taking ECG readings to ensure maximum safety during the whole procedure. On top of it all, they administer fluids safely when needed. Doctors are here to talk to you about any questions prior to the procedure and to go over home care post op.

Making sure you leave our clinic with a complete understanding of what will be done and what to monitor at home after the fact is our main priority. Taking care of and ensuring your pets' health is always at the top of our to-do list. We always want to make sure your furry family member is healthy enough to go into surgery. With this in mind, we consider the age, any issues seen at home, as well as run pre-anesthetic bloodwork to check for any abnormalities. Doing this will bring to our attention any underlying diseases or allow consideration for extra precautions we might need to take. After we have made sure your pet is stable enough to be operated on, we place an IV catheter to help facilitate medication and fluid administration. Please allow 24-48 hours for all prescription requests to be authorized and filled

*The night before surgery can certainly be a nervous one for both the owners and pets alike. To make it easier on you, we are happy to board your pet the night before. That way, we can start first thing in the morning and keep you updated through every step of the way. If you do not board your pet the day before, we ask that you fast your pet the night before (NO food after 8 p), water is fine, and check-in is between 7 and 8 am.*

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